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Title: Subway Journey

Designed by: Eliana Feng

Subway Journey is a critical design project that ridicules the inefficiency of the New York MTA Transit system and the negativity arise from the design of the transit stations. The premise is that player needs to catch the M or F train to make it to an important meeting that could decide the fate of his or her career. The player has to find the M or F within an intricate transit station that is full of trash and offensive subway advertisements. If the player does not catch the train and make it to the meeting in time, he or she would risk losing the job. There is also a certain chance that the train service would be suspended, delayed, and the player could also fall onto the train tracks and die.

This project relates to the concept from CoffeeHouse Conversation that the world is about simulation and complexity. Subway Journey is intended to simulate the frustrating experiences with the New York MTA Transit system, and how it has negatively impacted people's daily lives. However, can recreating a "world" of MTA Transit system in Unity, and modeling it as close as to the real MTA Transit system, really substitute the experiences with the MTA Transit system in the real world? No matter how well "chance and uncertainty" is simulated in Unity, ultimately, the real world is way more unpredictable with unlimited possibilities.


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